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From: Dave Murphy []  
To: Dave Murphy 
Cc: Stan Niemczycki; Reni Dougherty; Pat Vacca; Greg Scott; Frank Chao; Dr. Lou Sinopoli; Dick Barton; Bill Saichek; Abbas Namazi; A. Caramatti 
Subject: FW: NP4 CD update: READ THIS! 
Sent: 10/23/2000 7:57 AM 
Importance: Normal 

I received this from Course Technology regarding the use of the CD included in
the CIS 13 Concepts book.

Dave Murphy

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This should help you when you install the CD to the hard drive.  See Below!


Iain Macdonald
Course Technology
---------------------- Forwarded by Iain Macdonald/CourseNotes/US on 10/22/2000
10:17 PM ---------------------------

Greg Donald
09/14/2000 06:44 AM

What you should know:

The NP4 CD was designed to work in 3 possible ways:

   Directly from the CD
   Over a network
   Directly from the hard drive

   To our knowledge, the only incidences of problems have occurred when the
   software runs directly from the CD
   Running the software from the CD is preferred by most customers, but many
   products on the market today require a hard drive installation.
   Our customers therefore have the option of running the NP4 CD in two other
   ways.  While not necessarily ideal, these are two highly viable options that
   actually offer faster performance than running from the CD.

What you can recommend:

   Tell your customers that we can provide a letter authorizing them to run the
   CD from their network.
   For those students who want to work from home, they can feel free to load the
   CD onto their hard drive.  With the larger hard drives around today this
   should be a viable option for any student that has difficulty running NP4
   from the CD.
   For customers who want to load the CD onto their hard drive, you can feel
   free to cut and paste these instructions into an e-mail:

        1.  Insert the CD Rom while holding down the 'SHIFT' key (to prevent it
        from autobooting)
        2.  Click the Start button, click Run, type "D:\nwsetup" (where "D" is
        your CD-ROM drive letter)
        3.  Click the Start Copy button in the window that opens to copy the
        CD-ROM             contents to your hard disk.
        4.  Click the Start button, click Run, type "C:\np4cd\makemenu"
        5.  Click the Make Menu Items/Icons button in the window that opens then
             click OK


Greg Donald
Managing Editor
New Perspectives.